Monday, October 09, 2017

APRIL concessions workplan declared invalid

According to the web site, the Environment and Forestry minister Siti Nurbaya decided to declare invalid the work plan for the forest permits of PT. RAPP,  the biggest subsidiary and plantation company of APRIL.

The reason is that the company failed to review its 10-year work plan, and its 2017 annual work plan to comply with the new peat regulations, despite a number of letters and warnings from the Indonesian authorities. Consequently, the company lost the legal basis for its forest operational activities.
For instance, the APRIL company’s legal documents state that 70% of its concession in the Pelalawan estate - the estate in the Kampar Peninsula landscape inspected by the Ministry’s Law Enforcement Director General - consists of deep peat which usually constitutes peat domes.
However, a LiDAR mapping-based analysis conducted by Deltares (2015) revealed that almost all of APRIL concessions in the Kampar Peninsula landscape, including Pelalawan estate, are comprised of deep peat.


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